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The City of Redondo Beach has commenced a planning effort to establish a holistic framework plan to improve and enhance various public amenities within the City’s waterfront, King Harbor. With improved amenities, our shoreline facilities will provide more resources for residents and visitors alike. We want you to be a part of this vision for Redondo Beach.
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  • Facilitate community participation and engagement throughout the planning process

  • Work closely with a Working Committee for technical and stakeholder understanding

  • Acknowledge previous planning, design, and technical efforts

  • Prepare a framework plan that improves pedestrian experience along the waterfront and connects Mole C to the Horseshoe Pier

  • Advance community plans for Moonstone Park/Mole B and Seaside Lagoon

  • Prioritize what should be rebuilt or renovated and locate new recreational and operational elements, such as the sportfishing pier, small hand launch, and public boat launch.




The Amenities Plan was approved by City Council on October 18, 2022. We would like to thank all participants for their insightful comments and continued support throughout the process. The final document can be viewed here or on the City’s website in the future. We look forward to seeing King Harbor become the best version of itself!

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Latest Community Meeting
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Phase 1 “Launch & Listen” Survey
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1.  What is the King Harbor Public Amenities Plan?

The King Harbor Public Amenities Plan will serve as a framework to improve the existing public waterfront amenities, generally located between Portofino Way to the North and International Boardwalk to the south.The plan will include an overall site plan, drawings, diagrams, that are summarized in a plan report addressing what amenities should be rebuilt, renovated or newly added; where amenities should be located; and what other functional or recreational elements should be included in the design.


2.  What are Public Amenities?

Public Amenities are the key areas, destinations or uses that are generally accessible to the public within the King Harbor Area. For the purpose of this plan, the key public amenities of the plan are:

   A  Moonstone Park/Mole B

   B  Seaside Lagoon

   C  Hand/Small Boat Launch

   D  Sportfishing Pier

   E  International Boardwalk

   F  Public Boat Launch (Location TBD)

   G  Dingy Dock (Location TBD)

3. Why is the City developing this plan?

The revitalization of the waterfront has been a key strategic priority for the City for many years. Key to the revitalization effort is the need to upgrade or replace many of the public amenities within the waterfront.Over the past several years, while there have been previous studies and planning efforts primarily focused on individual facilities, there is a need to plan for the Waterfront as a whole and understand how the various public amenities may be organized and implemented to maximize the recreational and visitor experience.


4. What are the next steps?

The consultant team in conjunction with the City are currently facilitating community input in preparation for the plan development which will begin in January 2022. The team will develop the plan over the next few months and organize additional community meetings in the first quarter of 2022. The Draft Plan will be presented to the City Council in Spring 2022.

5. What are you going to do with the information?

The plan will include an Implementation Strategy that will consider how the Public Amenities Plan will be implemented and funded throughout the planning and design process.The final plan will also include a statement of probable cost to assist the City in the implementation of the plan.


6. How can I get involved and give feedback?

The preparation of the plan will include various virtual and in-person community workshops and pop-up events to collect and gather community feedback. Please sign up on this website to be informed of future events and project updates.


7. How are environmental concerns being addressed in the plan?

The plan will consider the impacts of sea-level rise, and seasonal flooding along the plan area. In addition, the consultant team has reviewed the City of Redondo Beach Local Hazard Mitigation plan and understands the pressing areas of concern or natural or man-made hazards in the King Harbor area, including tsunamis, liquefaction, earthquakes, and drought.


8. How were the boundaries determined for this scope area?

The framework plan is generally focused on the area between Portofino Way to the north and the south end of the International Boardwalk, and also considers the overall vision for King Harbor and the connections between the various public amenities and city-owned spaces with private leases.

The plan does not include programming and uses on the Pier, but will consider cohesiveness and connectivity to the Pier. The Plan does not consider the AES plant, as this is a private facility not owned or operated by the City.


9. Who is the project team?

The plan development is led by the City of Redondo Beach Waterfront and Economic Development Department.The consultant team includes the following:

  • SWA (Prime): Urban Design, Planning, Landscape Architecture, Project Management, Outreach, Site Assessment, Implementation

  • Anchor QEA: Marine Engineering, Site Assessment, Implementation

  • Architectural Resources Group (ARG): Site Assessment, Recommendations

  • Murakawa Communications: Strategic Communications, Website, Video,

  • Cumming: Implementation/Cost Estimation


10. Who is in the working committee?

The Working Committee will provide valuable stakeholder feedback in the initial planning stage and anchor the plan in community-focused considerations. The working committee is made up of the following members:

Brandy Forbes, Community Development Director

Cameron Harding , Community Services Director

Ted Semaan,Public Works Director

Laurie Koike, Manager, Waterfront & Economic Development

Roger Carlson, Chair of the Harbor Commission

Leslie Chrzan, Harbor Commissioner

Steve Walters, Harbor Commissioner

Mark Hanson, King Harbor Yacht Club

Craig Stanton, Redondo Beach Marina

Moses Rambler,Lanakila Outrigger Club

Jeff Jones, Quality Seafood

Christoper Lubba, Harbor Patrol

Issac Yang,Division Chief, Redondo Beach Fire Department

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